Non-Profit Spotlight: Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services Southern

Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) provides civil legal services to low-income families in the southern part of the state. For over 110 years SMRLS has helped families secure and protect their basic needs. Each year SMRLS attorneys and volunteers handle about 10,000 cases. SMRLS is able to reach about 20,000 additional households through community outreach and education. There are many ways in which attorneys and paralegals can help. SMRLS legal services help ensure access to justice for the most vulnerable members of our community.

One way for legal professionals to help is through SMRLS's eviction expungement project, which helps tenants erase evictions from the court record creating opportunities for safe affordable housing. The mere filing of an eviction action eliminates many housing opportunities. SMRLS eviction expungement program trains volunteer lawyers to assist clients with drafting and filing motion papers. Dawn Zugay is volunteering for SMRLS eviction project.

To learn more about volunteering, visit the link below. 

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services :: Ways to Volunteer (

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