Introducing Acosta Consulting LLC

We are pleased to introduce our new subsidiary, Acosta Consulting, a consulting firm providing litigation technology support services to lawyers and law firms.

Acosta’s Lit-Tech™ service will be led by principal consultant, Connie Martin and provides:

Trial Preparation:

  • Database creation – create database of trial exhibits, deposition exhibits and demonstrative exhibits for potential use at trial.

  • Synchronization of video depositions to enable clip generation and playback of designated portions of testimony at trial.

  • Clip creation utilizing designations, counter designations and cross designations to use in lieu of live testimony at trial.

  • Creation of demonstrative exhibits for use with witnesses and experts.

  • Preparation of graphics to facilitate opening statements and closing arguments.

  • Assistance with witness preparation for testifying live in court, reviewing exhibits and familiarizing witnesses with the process of trial examination.

IT Services

  • IT provision in the courtroom – providing needed audio-visual equipment and interface devices to ensure a smooth presentation.

  • IT provision in the war room – providing needed printers, copiers, war room logistics including firewalls and convenience devices.

  • Setup and takedown of audio-visual equipment both in court and in the war room.

Trial Consulting/Courtroom Presentation

  • Supporting the trial team in its presentations during opening statements and closing arguments.

  • Providing exhibit presentation services during trial to support the examination of witnesses.

  • Preparation of next day’s witness examinations and ensuring access to all required material.

Software Training

  • On-site training for Ipro’s suite of desktop and virtual products. Virtual training also provided.

  • Trial Director – the tool of choice for the courtroom – training provided for “do-it-yourself” trial presentation.

Martin has extensive experience in the field of litigation support and prides herself on client service. She owned and operated her own litigation support service firm, Martin Litigation Support Services, which in 2020 was voted by readers of Minnesota Lawyer as the #1 Litigation Consulting Firm in Minnesota. Connie is a founding member of the Iowa Chapter of Women in eDiscovery and of the Minnesota Association of Litigation Support Professionals. Connie has extensive experience with data processing, multiple eDiscovery platforms, document production requirements, and litigation processes.

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