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Kanye West "Life of Pablo" Experience

Before the time of music streaming services, music was sold independently.  Now,  In the post-internet era, the fungible nature of the digital music file has made it more difficult to limit the distribution of recorded music. The laws of supply and demand have thus placed extreme downward pressure on the price of recorded music. The botched release of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo should be a further warning to the industry about the perils of exclusive album streaming releases. 

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Minnesota Supreme Court ends Qui Tam  Lawsuit over Telecom Taxes

On October 31, 2018, the Minnesota Supreme Court filed its decision in Phone Recovery Serv. v. Qwest Corp., et al. dismissing a qui tam lawsuit brought by Phone Recovery Services (“PRS”) under the Minnesota False Claims Act (“MFCA”) against Qwest and twelve other Minnesota telecommunications service providers (“TSPs”).

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Removing Fradulent Activity from your Credit Report

According to Experian, one of the leading Credit Reporting Agencies (“CRA”) Minnesota consumers reported 4,324 cases of identity theft in 2017. With identity theft being a widespread and growing problem, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), the federal agency responsible for helping identity theft victims, lists several steps that an identity theft victim should immediately take.

Music Mixing Equipment

Regulation of Gift Cards in Minnesota

Entertainment festivals have started experimenting with new ways for attendees to pay for admission and merchandise to increase sales, offer discounts to valued customers, improve the efficiency of operations, and reduce theft. But in utilizing new payment methods, festival operators should be cognizant of government regulations of gift certificates or gift cards in each state.